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Dynamic Search Ads: Simplify your PPC targeting

Dynamic Search Ads: Simplify your PPC targeting

Are you looking for a time-efficient way to expand reach within your PPC activity, whilst targeting high-intent users with relevant and engaging creatives? Dynamic Search Ads are the easiest way to reach your target audience with automated, dynamic content.

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Unlike standard search campaigns which require the marketer to manually build a keyword list with relevant creatives, Dynamic Search Ads utilises your landing page content to both target user searches and generate headlines and ad descriptions based on the relevant search.

This is a great way to support your core keyword structure, by targeting relevant searches that aren’t covered in keyword based campaigns, and avoiding any potential delays for new activity through manual processes.

Setting up Dynamic Search Ads

There are various targeting options to specify which landing pages you would like to send users to via Dynamic Search Ads highlighted below:

  • URL Equals: This is the most targeted approach by utilising landing page content from an individual specified URL e.g. if M3 were to apply DSA to target users searching specifically for their PPC services, we would use URL equals: https://www.m3.agency/services/digital-marketing/ppc
  • URL Contains: You can target a set of URLs containing certain strings, such as a fashion brand targeting women’s dresses with URL contains “womens/dresses”.
  • Categories: Google Ads generates landing page sets based on your website domain, which is then segmented by theme. A quick-win category is “Landing pages from your standard ad groups”, allowing you to target all URLs that you are already running search ads for.

To ensure accurate search targeting and detailed, engaging creative generation, it is important to keep your website up to date. This can then be further optimised by applying negative keywords through recurring search term reports to exclude any irrelevant traffic and customising the automated ad content to ensure it aligns with your brand.

To further optimise overall performance whilst integrating DSA into your paid search activity, it is important to negate any keywords that you are actively bidding on to increase your DSA campaign’s targeting and avoid any wasted spend through double-bidding.

The benefits of Dynamic Search Ads

By implementing the above in a few short, simple steps, your PPC activity will benefit from an increase in brand awareness whilst saving both time and resources, improving engagement and providing live updates (as DSA activity reflects real time changes applied to your website including new and updated products).

You can also utilise your DSA activity to uncover new keywords through recurring search term reports, by mining any high performing, low spend terms to include within your core keyword structure.

How can M3 help?

Here at M3.agency, we’re experienced in performance driven PPC marketing, including Dynamic Search Ads, read more about how we’ve utilised PPC to drive results for our clients in our case study or to find out more contact us for a free consultation today.