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increase in session duration
increase in page views
increase in conversion rates

The challenge

Oxford Plastics are a leading manufacturer of site safety, road plate and trench cover technology, for use in the Construction, Telecommunications, Streetworks and Engineering sectors.

M3.agency have worked closely with key stakeholders across the business for over 12 months to plan, design and build a new intelligent website, fit for the brand and its vision for the future.

The previous website had served customers well, but hadn’t kept up with the changing technological advancements that some competitors had made.

Additionally, it was identified that many of their customers were unable to find all of the information they required and were unnecessarily relying on customer sales representatives to provide them with downloadable documentation, product brochures and product sheets.

The solution

Following the launch of the new brand identity, M3 explored an evolution of the UI and UX for the new website.

We also undertook research with the marketing and customer care teams, to understand the business requirements and golden user journeys, before creating interactive wireframes to define the user experience.

We collaborated with the client to ensure brand aesthetics matched the functionality and back-end performance of the website. We then put a migration plan in place with our performance team to ensure go-live would transition as seamlessly as possible.

Finally, we worked hand-in-hand with the client, to test and launch the website with their colleagues, to gauge internal perceptions and feedback before successfully launching to the wider market.

Conversion led homepage

Conversion led homepage

By using the data from the most visited pages on the previous website, as well as the KPI’s provided by Oxford Plastics, we defined the homepage structure and layout to establish clear objectives and instil a sense of segment authority early on in the visitors mind.

Dynamic interactive features

Dynamic interactive features

We put a lot of effort into making the new website for Oxford Plastics not just functional, but also enjoyable for users to interact with. To that end, we included a number of interactive and animated elements throughout the site to enhance the user experience. These features not only make the site more engaging and visually appealing, but they also help users better understand the products and services that Oxford Plastics offers.

By incorporating these interactive elements, we aimed to create a website that not only provided users with the information they needed, but also kept them engaged and interested as they navigated the site.

The result

The new Oxford Plastics website has helped the company in a number of ways. First and foremost, the website's modern design and intuitive navigation have made it easier for customers to find the information they need and explore the company's products and services. This has reduced the burden on customer sales representatives, who no longer have to spend as much time providing product documentation and answering customer questions. Additionally, the website's advanced features have reduced the amount of administration time needed internally to manage the website as well as minimising the ongoing required input from the agency.

Overall, the new website has helped Oxford Plastics streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction and increase all measurable KPI's across the board.

42% increase
in session duration
34% increase
in page views
22% increase
in conversion rates

Our new website is transformational. Designed to improve customer experience and to alleviate the demands on our commercial team who service enquiries. M3 understood our wants and our customer’s wants to create a slick, professional, dynamic new website that we are excited to use.

Charlotte Whiteley Marketing Manager at Oxford Plastics

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