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Should your business be on Threads?

Should your business be on Threads?

A Fresh Face in Social Media

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Threads has emerged as a new contender. Launched by Meta on July 5, 2023, this Twitter-esque text-centric platform has quickly gained considerable traction, with over 100 million users registering within the first week. But what sets Threads apart, and what does it mean for businesses and marketers? Let's explore.

A Closer Look at Threads

Described by Meta as ‘a new way to share with text’, Threads is a unique platform that utilises text-based interaction. Users can craft posts of up to 500 characters long, embed multimedia content and engage with others through conversation and reposting.

Threads at a Glance

An Extended Character Limit

Unlike Twitter's 280 characters, Threads generously offers 500 characters per post. This allows users to express themselves more without the need to truncate thoughts or resort to multiple posts.

An Ad-Free Experience (For Now)

As of its launch, Threads has not introduced paid advertising. This provides an uncluttered, user-focused experience that prioritizes content over commercial interruptions. It's a refreshing approach that may evolve as the platform matures.

Seamless Integration with Instagram

Threads has cleverly leveraged Instagram's existing user base by allowing followers and verification statuses to be imported. This not only simplifies the transition for Instagram users but also solves the "empty party problem" that often plagues new online communities.

No Hashtags or Trending Section

In a departure from many social media norms, Threads has opted not to include hashtags or a trending section. This decision aligns with the platform's focus on organic conversations and community building rather than viral content.

A Platform in Development

It's worth noting that Threads is still in its infancy, and many basic features are yet to be introduced. The platform's future updates and enhancements will likely shape its identity and success in the competitive social media landscape.

Comparing Threads and Twitter

In the crowded world of social media, Threads has emerged as a potential rival to Twitter. While both platforms centre around text-based communication, there are nuanced differences and similarities that define their unique identities. Here's a quick comparison.

More Room for Expression

One of the most noticeable differences is the character limit for posts. Threads allows users to craft messages up to 500 characters long, providing more space for expression. In contrast, Twitter's 280-character limit often requires more concise communication. This difference reflects Threads' emphasis on more detailed and nuanced conversations.

Advertising approach

As of its launch, Threads offers an ad-free experience, focusing on user content rather than commercial promotion. Twitter, on the other hand, includes various paid advertising options, integrating sponsored posts into users' feeds. This distinction may appeal to those looking for a more user-centric experience on Threads.

Content Sharing and Repurposing

Threads' close connection with Instagram allows for easy content sharing across both platforms. This synergy simplifies content management for brands and individuals, providing a streamlined approach to social media presence. Twitter operates more independently, requiring separate content strategies.

Community Focus vs. Global Reach

Threads emphasizes casual community building and organic growth, providing a space for authentic connections and dialogues. Twitter, with its global reach and emphasis on trending topics, serves as a platform for real-time news, global conversations, and viral content.

The Rise and Dip of Threads

Threads' launch on July 5, 2023, was nothing short of spectacular. Within the first week, the platform attracted over 100 million signups, a feat that surprised even industry experts.

Despite the impressive start, Threads experienced a significant drop in daily active users within a week of its launch. The numbers fell from 49 million to 23.6 million, and engagement time in the US dropped from 21 minutes to just over 6 minutes.

Threads' journey from a spectacular launch to a subsequent dip in user engagement is a fascinating case study in social media dynamics. The platform's initial success can be attributed to strategic integration with Instagram, user-friendly features, and the appeal of a new social media space.

However, the subsequent decline highlights the challenges of sustaining interest in a competitive environment. Threads' future will likely depend on its ability to innovate, offer unique value, and resonate with users' evolving needs and preferences. Its story serves as a reminder that in the fast-paced world of social media, initial success does not guarantee long-term viability.

Is Threads Right for Your Business?

Deciding to establish a presence on Threads requires careful consideration of factors such as target audience, competition, available resources, and alignment with the platform's casual tone. While certain industries may find Threads appealing, the recent drop in user engagement should not be overlooked when considering time investment in the platform. Another factor to carefully consider is the future potential, when Threads enables advertising, which it is hinted at – will your business be well placed to take advantage of this?

Threads has made a splash in the social media pond, offering new avenues for engagement and communication. However, its long-term viability and potential to challenge or even replace Twitter are still up in the air. The initial enthusiasm followed by a sharp decline in usage suggests that Threads is still finding its footing. Its future in the social media arena remains an intriguing question mark.

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