West Midland Safari Park

Putting their ‘Discover It All’ mantra on TV.

The challenge

West Midland Safari Park is a long-standing M3.agency client. A relationship that stretches way back when our agency was founded over two and a half decades ago. Both M3.agency and the client have changed a lot in that time. We have seen many exotic and fascinating creatures arrive at the Park alongside a host thrilling rides, attractions and experiences.

Each year, the client challenges us to create a new and compelling 30 second TV commercial to showcase what West Midland Safari Park has in store for the coming season.

The solution

Our most recent iteration of this ever-challenging brief was a reimagining of the previous year’s commercial, to include the newest attractions – a walking African trail and Red Pandas.

We were searching for a way to bring a new element to this commercial that elevated it from the previous version. The solution came from the voice talent we selected who, in his audition, opted to do each line from our rhythmic chant script in an exaggerated accent befitting each line. We were sold instantly!


The result

A successful season for West Midland Safari Park – with visitor targets exceeded – which they desperately needed post-pandemic. With more attractions coming, award-winning Safari Lodges going from strength to strength and an all-new TV commercial in the works, the future looks bright for West Midland Safari Park and M3.agency.

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