West Midland Safari Park

'Wild Times at Every Turn' TV advert.

The challenge

West Midland Safari Park and M3.agency have been working together to create impactful TV adverts for over two decades. With 2023 being their 50th anniversary year, West Midland Safari Park needed a new TV advert to celebrate this important milestone and to promote new attractions. 


The solution

A day out at West Midland Safari Park has always been magical for children and adults alike - there’s a real sense of wonder with every visit. Our concept centred around reimagining West Midland Safari Park as a magical storybook, where the pages come to life with magnificent beasts and wild experiences, and there’s a new adventure with every turn of the page.

The campaign line “Wild Times at Every Turn” was born. 

Early in the process, our Creative Director used his songwriting background to create a rhyming voice-over script conveying a sense of wonder and adventure, which captured the imagination of the client. Storyboards and animatics were signed off and the project gathered pace. 

With the combination of location and studio shoots, commissioning of bespoke props, auditioning performers and working with a CGI artist, our vision was brought to life. 

The commercial debuts in March, and there's no doubt it will entice young and old to book their own magical experience at West Midland Safari Park. 

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