Solmar Villas

Email marketing

average YoY sales uplift for Peak campaigns
million emails sent over 2 years
CTR increase from M3 inception

The challenge

Solmar Villas have been welcoming guests to tailor-made holidays for over 25 years. They pride themselves on their exceptional customer service and their vast collection of high-quality villas in some of Europe's finest destinations.

A large database of newsletter sign-ups and previous bookers had provided Solmar Villas with a vast send list for their regular promo emails, but a lack of defined audiences meant a low open rate and poor engagement. Email marketing plays a huge role in Solmar's regular communications, so it was imperative they found a way to cut through the noise in busy inboxes and got to the right people with the right messages.

The solution got right under the skin of the Solmar Villas brand and their customer and prospect data, and devised a targeted communications plan that allowed them to get the perfect content in front of each audience.

Alongside data segmentation, strong responsive email design and personalisation through automation allowed Solmar to communicate with their database intelligently and improve engagement rates.

The result

Solmar Villas were able to move on from a batch and blast email strategy that had resulted in low engagement and large wastage, to a far slicker and more intelligent targeted strategy.

Email open rates rocketed and CTR increased 15%, and Solmar had visibility of clearly defined audience groups that ensured their marketing strategies across other channels worked harder too.