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MG Motor UK

Launch campaign for the MG ZS EV.

The challenge

Create a new fully integrated campaign covering digital, press and TV activity for MG Motor UK to launch their fully electric family-sized SUV – The New MG ZS EV. MG is the fastest growing car manufacturer in the UK and with this campaign, we built on the key pillars of the MG brand we helped to set out.

The solution

We developed a concept that was focused solely on putting the car at the heart of the campaign and standing out from the crowd. We commissioned artists to create two street art characters dubbed “The Lady” and “The Dude” who magically came to life in the TV commercial. When the MG ZS EV pulls up, they talk about the car’s hi-tech features, benefits and its amazing value for money, all delivered with the brand’s customary wit.

The ad was shot on-location in Manchester to secure all the in-situ, external and talent footage, overcoming many logistical challenges. None more so than the infamous British weather. After wrapping the shoot, we went into post-production to complete the animation, rotoscoping, voice recording and editing to produce this original and entertaining film.

20790 MG ZS EV key-viz_lady.jpg
20790 MG ZS EV key-viz_dude.jpg
20790 MG ZS EV paid-social-FB.jpg
20790 MG ZS EV dlr-POS.jpg

The result

With MG ‘Electric is for Everyone’, and with this new model, as well as national integrated campaign support, it really is. Now you’re talking.