West Midlands Metro

Cross-media awareness campaign.


The challenge

Create awareness of the West Midlands Metro service in the hearts and minds of Midlands public transport users. Position Metro as a cost-effective alternative to the car and is a connector of people, places, careers, loved ones, leisure activities and everything in-between.

To demonstrate what Metro means on every level and put it at the forefront of people’s minds. This should be done with clarity and in a way that confidently declares all that the Metro has to offer and is all about – especially post-lockdown.

The solution

By effortlessly linking people with where they want and need to be, West Midlands Metro not only transforms the region but the whole travel experience, door to door. From the daily commute to popping out for groceries, going to the match or catching up with friends and family, Metro is the glue that brings workmates, families, friends and neighbours together.

Our chosen creative theme – M is for… – is a simple and elegant way to drive home the truths about Metro and how it stands for much more than a just a tram service, an employer and a connector of people and places.