Top 3 things from the world of marketing in May

Top 3 things from the world of marketing in May

Katie Millington - Content Manager 27th May 2020 Read time 5 minutes

With May came the slight restrictions on lockdown measures, meaning that social distancing meet-ups in open spaces could be allowed and the economy can start slowly picking itself up. But what has been going on in the world of marketing throughout this bizarre month?

Despite experiencing an unusual period of time, May has actually seen some pretty incredible news. Facebook and Instagram have announced their collaboration on Facebook Shops - allowing business pages to turn into online stores; domestic abuse creatives have been developed in order to show the powerful message of the 'epidemic we can't wash our hands of'; and Burger King go for gold with clever and humorous approach to social distancing - i.e. adding in triple onions into your burger!

1. BK releases the 'social distancing' Whopper

Jonathon Weiss,

In slightly lighter news, Burger King play on the comedic sense of 'social distancing' - by creating a clever campaign designed to induce distance between people. By adding triple onions to your Whopper - by normal standards, a social faux pas - you can show your responsibility to adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

This advertisement was initially released in Italy but has soon become a global trend - meaning that people's 'oniony' breath is likely to keep people further away from each other! Check out the advert below:

2. Cleaver creatives designed to help domestic abuse victims during lockdown

As the government have instructed us to stay at home during the global lockdown to 'Stay Safe' and 'Save Lives', those facing domestic abuse are the furthest away from safety in the homes. In the UK alone, calls to national domestic abuse helplines have risen by 49% over the last six weeks - and the UK aren't the only ones, with France also seeing a 30% increase.

That's where clever advertising creatives have stepped in. Multiple videos and creatives have been developed in order to raise awareness of the situation at hand - UK says No More released this powerful video:

Meanwhile, 'StillHere' in Ireland shows a video between two friends in lockdown - where one gets physically interrupted by their abuser. For more information on these thought-provoking campaigns, see the full videos at The Drum.

3. Facebook and Instagram create 'Facebook Shops'


In an interesting turn of events, Facebook has announced it will soon be collaborating with Instagram in order to roll out a Facebook Shops feature. With their biggest push yet into the online shopping sphere, Facebook Shops will allow businesses pages to become online storefronts for their followers and fans.

This move has been prompted by the economic fallout of COVID-19 - meaning that smaller businesses have been affected in the lockdown. However, with Facebook Shops in place, it means that business owners can create a dedicated 'shop' section of their Facebook or Instagram page - as well as building out a catalogue of their products which users can buy and peruse. Find out more information on this large e-commerce move from EN Gadget.

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