Things we loved this month – February

Things we loved this month – February

As February draws to a close, we reflect on the best parts of marketing we've seen this month. From a Pizza Hut and KFC collab to a celebrity broadcast on public health - this month had it all. Read through our top marketing moments of February.

Snug: A New Realm of Cosy

This month saw Snug, the original sofa in a box company, release their latest advert depicting a couple enjoying their new sofa. The woman sits on the sofa and starts to groan at the sheer comfort while the man looks on, confused at his partner. However, when he slumps down next to her, he also starts to groan.

This advert had us laughing out loud - we loved the unappealing, almost ugly groan of the couple, and we were taken back to that new sofa feeling, where you can just sink into the cosy cushions that are yet to be ruined by spills or wear and tear. In fact, we almost bought a new sofa for the office!

Pizza Hut and KFC Collab

We love collabs as a marketing strategy, whether it be TV branded Primark clothing or a Snoop Dogg/Just Eat collaboration - but this one might just take the biscuit. Since the Fast Food Rockers Fast Food Song was released in 2003, a generation has been waiting for this collab. Finally, the popcorn chicken pizza is here. This marketing campaign included a TV ad and a social media campaign which saw Diversity's Perri Kiely launch a new dance to the Pizza Hut and KFC song. Not only are we over the moon about the actual pizza, but as marketeers, we love the way this multichannel campaign brought Pizza Hut and KFC customers together.

Google's Contextual Data Panels

Ever wondered about the reliability of a website? Well, Google is helping out with their new Contextual Data Panels. By tapping on the three dots at the top right of any search result, you'll soon be able to access information about that site, from Google and Wikipedia. We can't wait to start using this feature!

The Great Beans on Weetabix Debacle



What was the most controversial thing in February 2021? Was it the news that schools would be going back? Was it Southampton losing 9-0 for a second season in a row? No, it was a Weetabix tweet.

The tweet showed a picture of Baked Beans on Weetabix captioned ‘Why should bread have all the fun when there's Weetabix'. Other brands took their disbelief to Twitter when they saw this monstrosity, resulting in one of the funniest, most inclusive Twitter threads we've ever seen. Dominoes tweeted ‘Us: Pineapple on pizza is the most controversial food ever. Weetabix: Hold my spoon.' While Specsavers used their well-known strapline ‘Should have gone to Specsavers' to respond. We loved this marketing tactic - Weetabix, although getting a lot of criticism, gained significant traction and any brand who commented had an opportunity to market themselves too.

No More Air Brushing

February was a monumental month for those in the body positivity movement. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that filters should not be applied to social media adverts if they exaggerate the effect of the product. This means that skin on foundation ads will be textured and realistic, the effect of a mascara will not be exaggerated by the digital elongating of lashes and the inevitable patches from self-tan may now be visible. We were over the moon to see that more realistic marketing would come into play in a sector that has already been criticised for portraying unrealistic beauty standards.

Alexa aka Michael B Jordan

We love a Super Bowl Ad - they are always amusing and almost as entertaining as the game! From this year's collection, we had to choose Michael B Jordan's cameo as Alexa as our stand-out ad. In this hilarious advert, a woman pictures Michael B Jordan as Alexa while her jealous partner looks on. Celebrity endorsement will always catch our eye, but this advert made us giggle and even share with a few of our friends, so we had to include it in this month's round up!

Super Bowl or Superb Owl?

Anyone working in Digital Marketing will stress to you the importance of hashtags. It seems that the WWF social media team had this at the forefront of their mind when they decided to tweak the #SuperBowl to #SuperbOwl. The hashtag certainly gained some publicity for these majestic creatures of the sky. We love to see organisations who seemingly have no place in current events sliding themselves in, and we like it even more when we get to see multiple pictures of our feathery friends.

BAME vaccine broadcast

Definitely the most important, and moving, piece of marketing we've seen this month is the celebrity-endorsed simulcast that aired on 18th February, encouraging Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities to get the COVID vaccine. Adil Ray, Moeen Ali, Denise Lewis, Romesh Ranganathan, Meera Syal, David Olusoga and Beverley Knight were among the celebrities who were involved. We love marketing for important causes and if there's one thing we've loved during this pandemic, it's seeing so many people come together!

Make sure you come back in March to find out our latest favourites from the world of marketing. You won't want to miss it!

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