Three is the magic number for new-look M3 as it lands £650,000 of new accounts

The art of experience

By Glen Pawson - Digital Director 2nd May 2018 Read time 2 minutes

Making your customers spend more time with you.

Your brand is amazing. You’ve got a great product. You offer amazing value. But unless you back that up with the right customer experience, your audience won’t give you a second look.

With a mind-boggling maze of digital channels and platforms, your customers can go wherever their interests and needs take them. So, the biggest challenge facing marketeers is: how can you take them to your brand and make them stay there?

Experience makes all the difference. Creating a customer journey that people find engaging, entertaining, exciting or just plain useful.

The way you treat customers matters just as much as what you sell them.

These days, it’s not just millionaires shopping for yachts who expect to be fawned-over to within an inch of their life, it’s everyone.

Be confusing, vague or unhelpful online and they’ll run a mile (then tell the world why). Be considerate, informative and approachable and they can love you forever.

The sad fact is that not enough businesses are changing the way they work online to deliver a better experience. So how can you use tech to take your audience on an amazing journey?

Start by sharpening up your site.

Your website is your shop window. It’s where people see what you’re selling, find out who you are and maybe spend some cash. It could even be the only place someone interacts with your brand. So make it worth visiting.

It should be clear about what you do and intuitive to use. It should also work like a dream across PC, Mac and mobile, and be properly optimised.

When it comes to how visitors use your site, there are plenty of tools to make it feel good. Like apps that conjure up personal experiences for every interaction. Or CRM tech that monitors entire customer relationships, so you can find ways to improve them.

With agile web design and smart multi-channel thinking to drive traffic – all in a consistent tone of voice – you can create a seamless online experience.

It won’t always be easy. It may even be painful at times if you’re taking your digital set-up from zero to hero. But break it down into steps and set targets for what you want to achieve. Say, step 1: new website, step 2: SEO strategy, and so on.

But EVERYTHING you do should be driven by your customer. Where do they go online? What are the touchpoints? What’s your strongest messaging? Look at your brand through their eyes.

Finally, think about what you want to achieve, then build a digital framework that fits.

It’s not just about making the sale, it’s about making customers feel valued every step of the way there.

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