Key Content Marketing Trends 2019

By Katie Millington - Content Manager Read time 5 minutes 6th March 2019

In the midst of the daily grind, it’s easy to forget how important content marketing actually is. But now, especially entering into 2019, with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and SEO best practise changing like the wind, it’s important not to underestimate the power of how content marketing can affect your business.

So, what are the main content trends to watch out for in 2019?

1. Content Strategy

Although content itself is important, having a method behind the madness is key. The trick to making your content marketing enhance your business goals is using it strategically. So, what should you consider?

2. Relevant content

Having content that is relevant on your site is arguably one of the most important things to consider in your marketing strategy. And 2019 trends in content all point towards relevancy being heavily relied on, as Google deems relevancy as a ranking factor in the SERPS. But how can you make sure your content is relevant?

3. Consideration of voice search

Voice search is fast becoming the most efficient way of searching for information in search engines. Most content marketers have had years to consider the best way to phrase their content, tailoring it to how people would expectedly type in and phrases their queries.

Now, we know big changes are on the horizon for the way voice search is accounted for in search engines. So how can we account for it in our content, too?

4. Topic Clusters

Topic clusters, or content hubs, refer to a selection of articles that are all based around the same topic – all offering a different perspective and giving all-round detailed information about the topic. Having that hub of knowledge on your page indicates you’re the expert in the field – Google is now placing a higher importance on these topic clusters, and it’s thought its algorithms will deem this as more relevant and rank it higher.

So, if your content is of high quality, over 1000 words in length, well structured and answers the question it sets out to discuss, your content could be classed as part of a content cluster. Considering this approach when creating your content marketing plan could lead to a higher success in the SERPs!

5. Micro Moments

As search engines develop and our dependency upon the internet grows, the average user is becoming increasingly more demanding for quick information – which is demonstrated through the search terms. Google has characterized this search behaviour into micro moments.

What are micro-moments?

Micro Moments

Incorporating these moments into each piece of content you deliver, and deciding which micro-moment it will adhere to, will keep you ahead of the game for 2019 content trends. But remember to keep the content short and to the point – these micro-moments are designed to fulfil the needs of the user quickly and efficiently, putting you as a trustworthy source of information that they may return to at a later date.

Content marketing trends are interesting as there’s always something new that people can try – especially with the ever-changing search landscape. See what works best for your business, and remember to keep in mind these key trends when developing your 2019 content this year.

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