Behind the scenes: The magic behind our MG3 Hybrid+ ‘Feel Good' launch campaign

Behind the scenes: The magic behind our MG3 Hybrid+ ‘Feel Good' launch campaign

We are excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous planning, preparation, and execution that brought the MG3 Hybrid+ 'Feel Good' campaign to life.


Long before filming the TV ad, our creative team brought the story to life through storyboard scamps.

"We wanted the ad to revolve around a character going about their daily life, showcasing how the MG3 Hybrid+ makes them feel good throughout. The ‘Feel good’ aura serves as a visual manifestation of happiness, which is produced by being around and driving the MG3 Hybrid+.

We explored various options for this storyline, aiming to strike the right balance between communicating the features and benefits of the car and building a compelling narrative where the ‘Feel good’ aura could thrive. To achieve this, we shifted our perspective on the narration of the ad and made the car the central character, telling the story. This approach elevated the importance of the car throughout the advertisement."

Justin Griffiths, Group Creative Director

‎MG3_Hybrid+ Asset Activation.‎014.png

‎MG3_Hybrid+ Asset Activation.‎015.png

Selecting the perfect location for each shoot was crucial. After extensive scouting, we chose Birmingham's Brindley Place and Sutton Park for their dynamic and picturesque settings. These locations offered the ideal backdrop to showcase the MG3 Hybrid+ in action, particularly due to MG's link to Birmingham.

PXL_20240402_115123028 (1) (1).jpg

Our team collaborated with Lambda Films to ensure that the campaign vision became a reality and that every shot of the story was meticulously captured.

PXL_20240402_115658576.PORTRAIT.ORIGINAL (1).jpg

PXL_20240402_163038434 (1).jpg

PXL_20240402_122245762.MP (1) (1).jpg

PXL_20240402_115717428.MP (1) (1).jpg


The finished MG3 Hybrid+ TV Ad

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