AI tools for marketing pros in 2024

AI tools for marketing pros in 2024

The integration of AI into our daily working lives is growing at a rapid pace. As of 2023, a study by IBM estimated 35% of businesses use AI and 42% are exploring their options with AI.

That means for marketing teams, we need to adapt or die. I see the two biggest uses of the machines in marketing are firstly driving down the time it takes to perform a task, which leads to increased time to focus on bigger or strategic thinking, and secondly the increased output from many marketing tasks such as content creation, research, optimisations, creativity and intelligence.

Here we focus on software that provides both of these uses. 

Customer-led voice assistant - Poly.AI 

Founded in the UK and aiming to be the leader of human-level conversations, is a customer-led virtual assistant which speaks naturally to customers so it feels like you’re speaking to a real person. It can ask questions, interrupt and dive in and out of topics like a normal conversation does. For a great example of the types of conversations it can assist with, watch this video.

Generative Fill for Photoshop – Adobe

From the conception of creative ideas to making complex edits and refinements, Generative Fill can help you quickly realise your vision while giving you complete control over every creation.

Adobe’s Generative Fill for Photoshop allows you to quickly create, add to, remove or replace images right in Adobe Photoshop with simple text prompts powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI.

Copywriting and Grammar Assistant - GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGO brings the power of generative AI to the Grammarly experience, helping you across the digital spaces you write in most. With GrammarlyGo, you can tailor your content to your specific tone of voice.  


Image generation – Multiple choices or or

AI-powered image generation has made significant strides in recent years, thanks to advancements in deep learning and generative models. These models have the ability to learn patterns and features from large datasets and generate new, realistic images that often defy human perception.

As a creative agency we have tested numerous tools and we’ve been impressed at the often-dramatic styles that AI has been able to create in a matter of seconds. With multiple prompts and the input of human imagination, the output is impressive.


Professional videos

Synthesia is a good choice for creating professional videos with a choice of over 140 AI avatars, giving you the tools to embrace inclusivity and diversity in your videos. Synthesia allows marketers to create videos that resonate with their audiences, by allowing them to choose an AI avatar that represents their chosen audience. And, if you want to take it a step further you can create your own AI avatar that reflects your individuality and character.


Product description automation with Shopify

Creating multiple product descriptions for different product ranges can be extremely time-consuming and can often prevent businesses from getting their e-commerce store started. Or, in some cases, some e-commerce websites end up having no product descriptions at all. Product descriptions are not only important for your customers to decide whether to buy your product or not but also play a key role in SEO - signalling to search engines what you’re selling and displaying it to the relevant users.

Shopify’s product description automation service allows you to autogenerate product descriptions based on your chosen keywords.

These are just some of the AI tools that can be used to help streamline your marketing strategy. For more insights check out our blog, or to find out how we can help develop your marketing strategy, contact us today for a free proposal!