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A Guide to Gen Z Marketing

A Guide to Gen Z Marketing

Many brands are investing millions of pounds and resources into their marketing, to capture the attention of Generation Z. With these young consumers counting for much of the global population they are a very influential and important market for many businesses. Learn why it's important to keep Generation Z in mind when it comes to your business' marketing strategy.

What is Generation Z?

According to Pew Research Center there are specific age ranges that define those born in the 1940s and onwards:

  • Baby Boomers: Born between 1946 and 1964
  • Gen X: Born between 1965 - 1980
  • Gen Y/Millennials: Born between 1981 and 1996
  • Gen Z: Born between 1997 and 2012.

Generation Z represents a huge opportunity for business growth, but we need to understand that they don't react to traditional marketing techniques the way previous generations have. For this to be achieved, a business needs an effective marketing strategy. The ability to easily browse and purchase online is a vital element for these consumers, and as the need to visit high street stores diminishes there are several elements that make up a strong online presence that will grab this generation's attention.

Mobile marketing

Gen Z shoppers use their mobiles more than any other device that they own. According to The Center For Generational Kinetics, Gen Z users in 2018 racked up a hefty 5-hour usage per day with some even reaching 15 hours a day! It has become the most efficient and reliable tool they have for a smooth shopping experience. Anything that can be done on a laptop, could (and should) now be designed to be a seamless user experience on mobile. Whilst taking this into consideration, we must note that The Center for Generational Kinetics also report a surprising 61% of Gen Z still prefer to purchase on websites instead of mobile apps.

Many big brands, ranging from TAG Heuer and North Face to Dominos and H&M, have created websites that are interactive, responsive and visually appealing, specifically with this target audience in mind. These brands have then gone one step further to include socially responsible marketing within their marketing strategies. By emphasising investment in women's empowermentenvironmentalism, and other causes that Gen Z care about, it has spoken volumes to a generation that is driven by values. Many feel that ‘doing their part' to make the world a better place is important to them which directly impacts their buying behaviour. Many also try to learn the origins of anything they buy: where it is made, what it is made from, how it is made and whether it's from a company who is socially responsible and not marred by scandal.

As Gen Z continues to come into their own and take over market share, the members of this group may favour the companies that are honest, authentic and engage effectively online.

Generation Z Social Media

Social media platforms are used by worldwide brands, to attract and engage these young minds into purchasing their products and services. With Facebook slowly declining for this younger audience, Twitter and Instagram are the clear choice for Gen Z when it comes to socialising with others. They like quick browsing and are driven by how many likes they get per photo. And because of this, chances are if your business or brand is not on social media, people will likely be less trusting of your brand as much of their sources for news, general information and entertainment come from these platforms. This is where many consumers can successfully communicate their brand experiences online. Good or bad. Marketers can tap into this area by focusing on being relatable to Gen Z so that they're engaged and trust your brand.

And although the majority of this audience spend a great proportion of their day on social media, Forbes reports that Gen Z's attention span lasts only about 8 seconds - leaving little time for content to truly be absorbed. Compare this to past generations such as Millennials and Generation X whose attention can last up to 12 Seconds - it's still not much time to really leave an impression.

This is where video marketing can really work for you - whether it's integrated throughout social media platforms or on your own website. It's worth bearing in mind that this generation aren't always fans of non-skippable ads and pop ups, so it takes something fascinating to captivate them. Whether one eye is on Netflix or they're sat at the dinner table, these guys are incredible at multitasking - usually bouncing between 3 screens at a time. But because of their short attention spans, they can become used to constant interaction, making it difficult to really engage them. To find out how video marketing can be integrated into your strategy, read our article about how online video advertising can fit within a marketing mix.

Social media influencers

Within Social Media, influencers are vital to a brand and young people enjoy seeing their favourite influencers. Most of Gen Z tend to find out about new products through their promotion on social media. These figures are the most powerful people to this generation with a Google report finding 70% of young consumers admitting that they relate more to YouTubers than “traditional” celebrities. They'll be guaranteed to capture the eyes of Gen Z, whether they're wearing your clothes or using your product. They're good at projecting a communication style that identifies with a younger audience. Many smaller influencers will be happy to promote a business in exchange for free samples and, in return, will result in gained loyalty from the Gen Z audience. This is really worth bearing in mind considering 50% of this generation say that YouTube is the one app they cannot live without!

Generation Z can be a huge opportunity for your business and generate great revenue, but to be successful in gaining their loyalty, it is a challenging and difficult task. By using modern tactics and engaging in their world, you'll be rewarded and gain a group of new consumers for your business.

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