3 Steps to a Stronger Brand Strategy

3 Steps to a Stronger Brand Strategy

Tactical versus brand. It can seem like a struggle sometimes. In the blue corner: Hardworking tactical campaigns driving revenue and meeting immediate objectives. In the red corner: Big picture brand thinking about what you actually mean to your audience.

Marketing managers are under intense commercial pressures in an ever-changing media landscape. So it’s understandable that long term vision can take a back seat to achieving short term goals.

But at M3.Agency, we look at things differently. The big news is this: Better branding means a better bottom line.

That’s true for every single company. Invest in your brand properly and people are more likely to notice, consider, care about and, ultimately, choose you.

Not sure where to start? Well, we at M3.Agency do know a thing or two about making your brand better. In fact we’ve just taken the wrapper off a fresh, shiny rebrand ourselves.

But, for now, here are three principles we think you’ll find useful.

1. Get your team on board

Do your staff understand your brand? It’s more important than ever, now that they have the social media means to sing your praises (or not) online. The right training can make them feel valued and involved in your brand story – so they project your values at every interaction.

At M3.Agency, we’ve spent a lot of time helping our team feel part of our Let’s Do Something brand ethos - encouraging them to blog, tweet or post on their Facebook pages about the company.

Solmar Villas, one of our amazing clients, also has a very productive relationship with their staff. Using team member videos on their website to share a genuine love of the travel destinations they offer.

Just remember to keep communicating, so your people feel involved at every stage. And if you want to avoid Inbox-clogging cross-company emails, there are handy apps like Slack to keep everyone in the loop.

2. Get emotional

Human beings are pretty complicated sometimes. Yes, your product may be loaded with the latest features, be 50% off and come with a free tea towel – but a customer is still more likely to buy it if they believe your values match theirs. If they think you get them.

Take Apple for instance. Is a Mac better built than a PC? Maybe, maybe not. But they’ve conquered the world by appealing to their audience’s need to be different – to be cooler. Positioning themselves as the edgy creative upstart to Microsoft’s boring uncle.

3. Be consistent

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a ditherer. And once you know what your brand stands for, it’s vital to ensure that everything you do is true to that positioning.

If audiences become confused because you’re inconsistent with your messaging and personality, why should they stay with you?

Your tone of voice, your look and feel, the sorts of messages you deliver – even the brands you’re seen with - they all build a picture of who you are. And that includes those tactical messages I mentioned at the start. Everything should feel like only your brand could be saying it.

So, brand versus tactical? To us, it’s no contest. Investing in your brand means more returns over the longer term. It’s essential for business growth. After all, how can your customers love you, unless they know who you are?

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