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MG have a well-documented history in the automotive industry, but it’s what they are doing now and in the future that truly makes them the electric car of choice for the Great British public.

At the start of 2021, MG appointed us to deliver clear and compelling communications to drive footfall and increase mindshare for driving electric. Building from MG’s bold proposition of GET MORE, we delivered our first campaign which asked consumers a simple BUT direct question.

Our LIKE MORE? GET MORE campaign went live in April with outstanding and almost instant results, proving without doubt that the UK public are more than partial to an abundance of the good stuff. Then we launched the test drive campaign that really moved up a gear and delivered more on every level, like the impressive click through rate to their website from our comms and a whopping increase in test drive bookings in just 3 weeks.

So, when we say we deliver more at M3, we mean we deliver much, much more.


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