Addmaster Case Study

Addmaster - Spreading the word about stopping bacteria

With a group of trusted brands, Addmaster is the leading supplier of additives for the plastics, paint, textile and paper industries.

Through their Biomaster brand, they offer antimicrobial additives that can stop bacteria growing on almost any surface we come into contact with on a daily basis. Biomaster is waging war on bacteria in all sorts of materials, all around us – including M&S bags for life.

It’s amazing stuff.


But very few people have heard of it. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that industry and consumers alike know the power of Biomaster and demand it in their products.

Spraying Bacteria

We’re dramatically refreshing the brand and, in a very niche sector, our PPC campaign has achieved incredibly high impression rates.

80% Impression rate, 7807 Impressions, 307 clicks.

We’ve also streamlined their website to deliver a powerful, more engaging message to prospects.

It’s an ongoing process, but with a brand film and campaign in the pipeline, we’re aiming to make Biomaster a true antibacterial hero.

We’re also refreshing the other Addmaster brands – Scentmaster and Verimaster – and we’ve created the Masterpiece brand to encompass a number of smaller products.

Biomaster Protected