Today, data is King. For any business, data makes sense of the past, helps you make more of the presents and predicts the future. As your data analysis agency, we can use it to see who’s buying what and why. It shows us what’s in demand and in the doldrums. And it can suggest the perfect way to target your next campaign.

Our specialists can analyse and interpret complex data sets to plot your course to the next level. Using an arsenal of analytics tools – and with a deep understanding of your objectives - we put business intelligence behind inspired creative.

Serious about segmentation

Your customers aren’t clones. There’s no one-size-fits all customer strategy that’s going to work wonders for your brand. That’s why we, as your data analysis agency, are here to investigate and study all the different consumers in your audience.

Through careful data segmentation, we divide them into smaller groups, based on age, background, interests or other distinguishing characteristics and variants. But we’re not just looking at the differences between people. We’re examining what those differences mean, and how they influence buying behaviour. Enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of what really makes them tick, so that the messages we create for you really hit home.

Maximising your marketing clout

For example, we can discover that one group may jump at an email with a juicy retail offer, while another may be more responsive to an aspirational brand message in a beautiful ad campaign. With the right insight we can construct a balanced marketing mix that targets each customer segment with appropriate, relevant comms, right when we know they’ll be most receptive.

That includes cross-selling or up-selling opportunities for existing customers, introducing them other products or services from a brand they already know and trust. And when it comes to finding new customers to grow your business, we can use data to draw a picture of the type of people you should be targeting, then get busy creating a killer acquisition campaign.

A lifelong relationship

Through the smart use of data, we can even create a programme of lifecycle marketing. This is a more sophisticated CRM system that lets you speak to customers in different ways at different stages in the purchasing cycle.

We study behavioural patterns and form strategies that can evolve over time, sending appropriate messages when we know where your customer’s head is at. Knowing the difference, for instance, between someone who’s only just started considering a new car and someone who’s weighing up the finance and choosing a paint colour.

So if you’re looking for a data analysis agency with the skills and experience to get you a lot closer to your customers, just get in touch.