At a time when it’s possible to target the exact age, location, shoe size and favourite sandwich of your ideal customer, audience data has never been so important. We’re an audience profiling agency who loves digging deep to understand your consumer, explore how they shop and consider the different ways they use media.

We’re a passionate bunch. Going out of our way to find insights that will help you go one better than the competition. Bringing expert training and years of experience to the table, we can see inside the figures to uncover patterns, triggers and opportunities that your brand can exploit. Hidden gems that can drive your business forward.

All to help us develop powerful creative ideas and campaigns that really connect. High performance marketing that can be as personal and targeted as you need it to be. Meeting or exceeding your KPIs, while delivering an amazing return on your investment.

Meeting the market

We ask a LOT of questions. We like to think our curious nature is one of our greatest strengths. It’s certainly the best way to get to know consumers when you’re an audience profiling agency.

Using a wide range of research tactics and data analysis tools, we get right in under the skin of your customer. Polls, reports, questionnaires, focus groups, in-depth interviews and secondary data – they can all help us find out what makes people tick as we work towards the most effective strategy.

Not all your customers are the same

We’ll also set out to establish why some of them behave differently from others, developing separate (or tweaked) strategies to deliver your brilliant brand story to a number of audiences in an attention-grabbing, motivating way.

The more detail we get, the more we can tailor and personalise your marketing messages. Because when something feels like it was made for you, you’re more likely to buy it.

All mapped out

Once we understand your audience inside out, we can show you the best way to reach them. We’ll develop a strategy and route map to make your brand connect in the most powerful, profitable way. Our tried and tested brand development techniques focus on the things that make your brand stand out, get noticed and gain customers.

We react to what’s happening in the marketplace, but we’re proactive with it. Looking closely at the trends and the competition to see how we can do something fresh for your business. Challenging marketing conventions and going against the grain to give you a unique position in your market with a strong, targeted strategy for growth.

If you want to get to know your customers a lot better, talk to an audience profiling agency who really understands you.