When the world is glued to its phone, we are the social media marketing agency who know how to make sure it sees your brand.

Our multi-talented team can devise and develop multi-platform campaigns based on sound, smart analytics. Offering you plenty of insight and experience, whether you’re looking to make a big noise about a new product, or you need engaging, responsive ongoing management of your social channels.

We can carry out a thorough social media audit to get your channels in the best shape. And because we know exactly when your audience is most likely to be sharing their lives on Facebook or speaking their minds on Twitter – we can put you there with smart, relevant, sharable content.

Extra-smart social

As with any effective marketing campaign, it’s vital to start with a sound strategy. We work hard to fully understand how social can drive your business forward in the most powerful, relevant way. We’re not just here to get you on social, we’re here to help you see exactly how it can best work for you.

In short, as your social media marketing agency, we establish your brand priorities then work out how to fulfil them. You might be looking to stack up the likes and shares from legions of fans and followers. Or, online sales or leads for your offline outlets might be of most value. The chances are, it’ll be a bit of both. But either way, we know how to get your punters engaged, excited and, eventually, spending money.

And what about your choice of platforms? We’ll rigorously research your audience’s online habits to see whether they prefer Facebook or Instagram. Or we’ll tell you whether you’re better off talking to inspiration-seekers on Pinterest or business people on LinkedIn. Very few brands benefit from being on every social channel and we’ll make sure to target your time and resources in the best way possible.

The fact is, the better we know your business and your audience, the better we can help you reach your goals.

The power of posts

Once we’ve nailed down what you’re saying and who you’re talking to, we’ll get posting. Engaging your customers with regular, interesting and entertaining content – all created and managed by our friendly experts in-house. And all designed to deliver a strong ROI for your business.

We can set up your profile to make sure your social presence is fully in synch with your brand personality. Then we can produce everything from videos, graphic design and ads, to competitions and remarketing. We’ve got the creative and management skills to match our strategic savvy.

If you’re after a smart, friendly and fully equipped social media marketing agency, there’s a lot to like about M3.