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Increase your website traffic and brand awareness by collaborating with a PPC agency who strives to understand your business goals with a performance driven approach.  

We provide tailored strategies to you to deliver optimum results and maximise the ROI / ROAS to make your marketing budgets go further.

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PPC Services

We provide a wide range of PPC services to build and support your business.

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Our PPC mission statement

We strive to offer industry leading PPC services to deliver insightful strategies that will grow your business by focusing on maximising ROI.


Our approach to PPC

We adapt our approach to suit your business needs, creating tailored campaigns that are highly targeted and effective in working towards your KPI's. 
We frequently review and adjust all aspects of your PPC account to optimise performance. With thorough communication, we aim to become an extension of your marketing team. 

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Some of our clients' results

What results have we achieved through our PPC services?

Key PPC Results

Here are some of the results we have achieved for our PPC clients


Increase in
revenue YoY


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Enquiry Forms MoM


Increase in
transactions YoY

About Us

M3 Agency is driven by the modern marketing model, which is ROI focussed. With many years of experience across the agency, we combine deep level expertise with excellent delivery.

Each of our valued clients receives our ‘bespoke tailor’ service to deliver maximum results in a personal manner.

Our approach to PPC follows suit. We’ve been able to deliver incredible results on a 1 to 1 basis which is a core reason we maintain a 95% client retention rate.

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Our PPC work is well-prioritised so that we’re making the right changes at the right time in order to drive measurable results.

We work closely with our clients, combining our PPC expertise with your industry expertise.


Joe Dingley - Head of Paid Acquisition



PPC is an online advertising model used across search engines such as Google and Microsoft. When a user searches for something on Google, the word or phrase entered is called a “search query”. Advertisers bid on these terms, with adverts set up to show on the relevant results pages. Each time their ad is clicked, the advertiser will pay Google a fee (e.g. £1.35).

We are constantly talking to our clients, from the initial strategy outline to reporting and actions. We will have monthly report calls to update you on your results including traffic, conversions and rankings, broken down in a way that makes sense of it all.

The speed in which you see results from our PPC work depends on a few factors including your business goals, the industry you are in and your website. However, we know that clients like to see results quickly, so we look for these opportunities early on so you can rest assured knowing that we’re always making progress.

We put together a bespoke solution based on what we think it will take to drive your business goals. 

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