We’re a PPC agency that knows how to turn keywords into killer results. Managing paid search campaigns with the latest machine learning algorithms, audience targeting and a whole lot of testing to help your marketing budget go further.

PPC is where maths meets marketing. We use data and statistics to boost your online presence. Working with a proven set of systems and applying an in-depth appreciation of your brand, we optimise and analyse to deliver campaigns that count.

Through multiplatform, multi-device strategies and enhanced keyword level tracking, we’ll help make sure it’s your name that comes up for the most relevant searches and the most likely-to-convert prospects.

Perfectly poised campaigns

A lot goes into an effective, engaging and profitable PPC ad. Of course, it has to be perfectly in tune with the vision and essence of your brand – not to mention the KPIs of your business. That’s why we start by getting to know your objectives and your audience inside and out as we start to develop your PPC strategy.

But our planning and research also covers a whole bunch of other important factors, including your online marketplace, your audience’s online habits and what your competitors are up to.

When it comes to generating keywords, we investigate, test and trial different variants to find the words that generate the best returns for your business.

The same goes for ad copywriting. We look at the best way to turn a very limited character count into a big opportunity. But as every good PPC agency knows, there’s never a definitive answer. The best choice of ad copy can depend on the time of day, geographical locations and search terms used – and we’ll consider every factor to come up with the right words for the right times.

We’re not just looking to make your PPC ads work brilliantly at any given moment, we’re also looking at how the PPC landscape is changing. For example, we can help you make the most of the opportunities presented by Amazon Marketing Services. What’s more, as up to 6.67% of search traffic is now geared towards Bing ads, we make sure everything we do for Google is also Bing Ads-compatible.

Language with no barriers

When the internet allows businesses to speak to a global audience, we also know how to make sure your Pay-Per-Click advertising speaks everybody’s language. PPC and keywords won’t work with a straightforward translation. We build international campaigns from scratch to make sure they’re relevant to – and understood by - local audiences.

PPC advertising is an affordable but highly effective way to bring customers directly to your website. With expert guidance and a flexible approach, we are a PPC agency with the power to show you how a few well-chosen words can make a big difference to your brand.

If you want an advertising agency who can make your next campaign your best ever, get in touch for a chat.