Social’s not just for holiday photos and cat videos. Our paid social agency specialists can use it help your brand engage with - and convert – consumers. Narrowing your audience down to exactly the people you need to speak to. So if you’ve got a product that’s perfect for 25 to 34-year-olds in the Doncaster area who love cycling and watching old episodes of ‘Friends’, we’ll be happy to hook you up.

It’s serious business. As more and more of us spend increasing amounts time on social platforms, the social media networks are on hunt for more revenue - meaning marketers have to pay to get themselves seen and achieve the results they want. But if you spend your money wisely, your brand can achieve massive reach.

That’s where our digital team come in. Using our understanding of your brand, your audience and the social landscape to engage with your customers and elevate your business.

The right people

So, who are you talking to? Or rather, who should you be talking to? Every successful social campaign starts with knowing the audience. We get our hands on all the available data to figure out who your customers are and where they like to spend their time on social. That way, we know we can target them with creative that matches their interests and works for the relevant platform.

The right message

Once we’ve pinpointed your customers, our team of creatives, designers and developers gets to work on producing killer ideas that fit your brief and your budget. We’re fully equipped to tackle anything from simple image and text posts, to lead ads or feed-based dynamic creative – not to mention highly engaging video content.

All managed with care

Of course, we’re not just a social media creative shop. We’re not the type of paid social agency that would just put together a shiny new campaign then send you on your way. No, our experts can set up your account and provide ongoing management of the whole process, maintaining the same high standard of relevant targeting and brand consistency throughout. We care about the last post of your campaign as much as the first.

As part of that ongoing attention to detail, we’ll rotate ads and test different variations to find out what works best, and avoid ad fatigue amongst your audience. We also have a box of magic tools and technique to ensure that your budgets and bids are on-target to drive the best possible performance against your KPIs.

And, once we’ve got the facts, we share them with you under a rigorous programme of reporting and conversion tracking. Giving you a full picture of your social media campaign’s performance.

Talk to us about what our paid social agency team could do with your next campaign. We’re sure you’ll like it.