Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to drive engagement and conversion online. An estimated 3.7 billion people worldwide still use email regularly. And as the smartphone revolution continues, more and more of us are checking for emails and messages regularly throughout the day.

So with the right data, you can deliver personal, timely and relevant comms that can get customers signing up and shopping. And that’s where you need a top notch email marketing agency.

Of course, we all know what it’s like to watch our inboxes filling up with things we don’t need or want. So it’s essential that your messages are carefully considered and highly impactful, from the subject line to the sign-off.

We take your brilliant brand story and turn it into email marketing that people want to click on. From tactical offers and sales promotions, to loyalty-boosting newsletters and insightful surveys, we look for the most powerful way to engage with your audience. Including rigorously-tested templates to make sure your messages look great on every device, plus effortless automation to keep the good news coming. We can give your customers exactly what they want to see, precisely when they want to see it.

From insightful strategy to flawless delivery

Our email marketing agency experts will get under the skin of your brand, get their heads around your business goals and get stuck in to all the data available on your customers’ behaviour and needs. Then we’ll use all this understanding to build a supercharged strategy to target your audience right where it counts.

We’ve got it all covered. From planning and creative development to fully-managed automated output that lands your comms at just the right moment. Not only will your email campaign be created and delivered to the highest standards throughout, but it’ll be extremely cost effective.

Our digital designers and developers build emails that provide interesting, relevant and timely information to your audience. Anything from simple static messages to video and animation - all tailored to drive click-through. Plus, with design and tone of voice born from your brand’s DNA, we make sure your emails look the part too.

First name terms and all the facts

We can also make it personal. One of the great things about email is that you can deliver tailored messages to very specific audiences. In fact it’s one of the few online ways to talk to your customer by using their first name.

And once your campaign goes out into the world, we’ll keep you up to speed on how it’s doing. With clear, useful reporting all measured against your KPIs. We can tell you exactly what works, quantify responses and carry out A/B tests to find the most successful messaging.

If you’re looking for an email marketing agency to get your customers clicking, get in touch with us.