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As the smartphone revolution continues to shorten our attention span and fill our 5-minute breaks, emails are checked regularly throughout the day. This means that potential customers are more accessible.

Email marketing is the perfect way to capitalise on this increased accessibility as it is quicker and easier than ever before to get in front your customers.

With the right data and tailored messaging in place, we can ensure your email campaign is personal, targeted, and inspiring to encourage subscribers to purchase.

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Email Marketing Services

We offer a range of email marketing services and pricing to suit your needs.

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Our Email Mission Statement:

We aim to deliver strategically-led, creative email campaigns that drive clicks and conversions whilst staying true to your brand.


Our approach to Email Marketing:

Strategy, planning and delivery – the core of a strong email marketing strategy.

We’ll build a bespoke strategy that prioritises your business goals and audience to ensure we drive clicks and conversions. From planning to development, we will ensure your email campaigns hold your brand's DNA and includes static messaging, video and animation for a strong email delivery that stands out in your subscriber's inbox.

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About us

M3 Agency is driven by the modern marketing model, which is ROI focussed. With many years of experience across the agency, we combine deep level expertise with excellent delivery.

Each of our valued clients receives our ‘bespoke tailor’ service to deliver maximum results in a personal manner.

Our approach to Email Marketing follows suit. We’ve been able to deliver incredible results on a 1 to 1 basis which is a core reason we maintain a 95% client retention rate.

Key Email Marketing Facts

Here are some facts about how email marketing can help your business:

3.7 billion

are estimated worldwide to use email regularly

2.8 million

emails are sent every second

15 times

a day people are likely to check their emails

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Using our expertise in strategy planning, design, development and marketing, we will deliver an email marketing strategy that not only encompasses your brand and business goals, but will naturally fit in with your customer’s journey and user intent.


Katie Millington - M3 Content Manager

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Email Marketing FAQ

Email Marketing includes a range of services such as weekly, or monthly newsletter updates or adhoc promotional or sales deals. Our Creative, Development and Marketing team will work closely with you to design an email strategy that will catch your subscribers' attention and drive traffic. Having a comprehensive email marketing strategy is key to not only encourage traffic, but more importantly, conversions


We are constantly talking to our clients and will work closely with you to deliver an email marketing strategy that honours your brand, messaging and will help achieve your business goals. Through weekly calls and monthly reports, you will have full visibility of the results we have driven including traffic and conversions.

As soon as the email campaigns are sent out, we will be able to measure the results. Through useful reporting all measured against your KPIs, we can tell you exactly what works, quantify responses and carry out A/B tests to find the most successful messaging.

Once you get in touch, we will create a bespoke solution based on what email campaigns will help you to achieve your business goals. Get in touch today for a free proposal.

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