A good name goes a long way. And with M3 as your digital PR agency, you could extend your search visibility and significantly grow your online reputation. We’re here to get your audience excited about your amazing brand, through original and relevant content that gets liked, commented on and, above all, shared.

We look at your brand, your audience and your objectives. Then, once we’ve developed highly engaging content, we aim it with pin-point accuracy at relevant websites, influencers, online communities and social networks. The result? A bigger audience, more traffic and a boosted backlink profile.

Keep tabs on your ROI

One of the great things about PR in the digital age is that you can see how well it’s working immediately. We quantify results and adjust our approach accordingly, doing more of what works and taking out what doesn’t. All the while, you’re kept fully up to speed with in-depth reporting and all the key stats – including the quality of links earned, the amount of brand mentions, social performance and improvements in organic visibility.

The perfect match with SEO

Yes, we’re a top drawer digital PR agency, but we’re also a rather smart SEO agency. And our experts can bring the two disciplines together to supercharge your search visibility – through creating unmissable content that pulls in quality links and helps you climb the rankings as your brand awareness grows.

If you want your website to really pull in the punters, inbound links (or backlinks) are crucial. We’ll help you build legitimate inbound links that expose your brand to the right audiences and drive them to your site.

Quality links also tell Google that your site matters to your audience, that you’re saying something they want to hear. And that helps you rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Together, all this helps you build a strong community among your customers. A core of people who want to interact with – and buy from – your brand.

Don’t forget the blog stars

Of course, PR still has a lot to do with who you know. And our digital PR agency team have strong relationships with a wide range of bloggers and other powerful online influencers. We’ll use our connections to increase the reach and visibility of your brand. And our network is growing, as we’re always sourcing new bloggers creating fresh content with the potential to engage our clients’ audiences.

We’ll also get your content out to the right online media hubs. Publications with the power to share your message across multiple platforms. And when Google notices that you’re creating inbound links from highly reputable websites, you’ll move even further up the search rankings.

It’s part savvy, part science. Using the latest insight tools and a network of media contacts to formulate tailor-made strategies, campaigns and press releases with plenty of impact. We get inside your audience’s heads, have a rummage around, then develop the perfect way to get your brand on their good sides. Cutting through the digital clutter, we make them sit up, take notice and act.

If you want an advertising agency who can make your next campaign your best ever, get in touch for a chat.