These days, brands have to be storytellers. Content marketing is one of the key ingredients of a successful modern marketing strategy. It boosts the visibility of your website and helps you reach, engage with build productive relationships with your customers.

But, because you can speak to your audience from so many different platforms, you need to make sure you’ve got something interesting to say. That’s where we come in. We’re a content marketing agency that gets you and gets your audience. Planning and creating content that shares your story, your personality and your values in ways nobody can ignore.

Whatever you say online, few things are more prized than authenticity. So we make sure your content truly belongs to your brand and resonates with your punters – making things they’ll want to share.

We develop ideas that fit naturally with your customers’ interests and user journey. A confidence-inspiring brand piece, something interactive, glowing testimonials, how-to videos, your latest product news…we can deliver them all on target and on budget.

A proven process

Whatever style of content campaign we develop, we’ll always start by building a bulletproof strategy. Getting to know you and fully understand your business objectives. All so we can start crafting ideas that suit your goals.

Then we turn our attention to your customers. Working out what they want, what they’re into and where they go online. We also see who else is influencing them and what other kinds of content they’re engaging with. Using data-led research or a good old-fashioned face-to-face chat, we find out what really turns your customers on – and what sort of content you should be serving up to them.

Then it’s time for an audit. It’s part of the content marketing agency fundamentals. What’s your current content situation? How’s it doing? What does it need to be doing better. Crunching your content numbers to establish the best, most profitable way to build on the progress your brand has made so far.

But what about your marketplace? We cast our eyes over how your competitors are using content marketing. Looking for the tricks and ideas that are growing their market share, while trying to spot the opportunities they’re missing – and that you could be taking up.

Content ideas that connect

Then we take all this insight, knowledge and understanding, and transform it into a bold, powerful and downright eye-catching content strategy. All designed to make the most of content gaps, give you plenty of reach and leave your competitors in the digital dust.

Next up, ideas time. Equipped with a plan, we get brainstorming, concepting and crafting. Coming up with stand-out content ideas that deliver the spirit and soul of your brand to the right audience.

With an armful of shiny new content, we create razor-sharp outreach strategies aimed at the best places for it to be seen and promoted in order to hit your KPIs. And speaking of KPIs, we keep tabs on performance with robust measurement. Analysing engagement results at each phase and making changes to drive up the figures.

If you want a content marketing agency that can get your brand where it needs to be, get in touch.