Drumming gorillas, Honda cogs, Jean Claude van Damme doing the splits between two Volvo big rigs…great TV ads stand out like no other type of marketing.

As an experienced creative agency, we know it’s still one of the best platforms for strong ideas, beautifully executed. Ideas that connect emotionally, moving the viewer and making them remember the brand.

Big impact without big bucks

The brilliant thing is, great TV ideas don’t always need huge budgets. We work with clients to dig out the most compelling, motivating truths; then we craft impactful ideas that work with your brand, your goals and your budget.

Animated epics, comedy, drama, slice-of-life ideas that make you smile…there are a million ways to tell captivating stories on the small screen. And the way we tell yours will depend on your brand personality, your tone-of-voice, your audience and your message.

By choosing the right production partners and smart use of media, we’ve delivered top-drawer creativity and cost-effective cut-through. From whole campaigns, to great single executions shown in just the right places.

Telly still has plenty of welly

TV is still the best way to reach a broad audience. It may feel like the world is living online these days, but people are still watching a whole lot of telly. According to research, almost everyone will get some sort of TV fix over the course of a month, and even 73% of millennials still choose TV as their preferred source of entertainment.

In fact, research suggests that, in the UK, adding TV to a campaign generates a 40% increase in effectiveness. Huge.

On-demand, on-the-rise

The big difference is the way in which we watch our favourite shows. Outside of cultural juggernauts like Game of Thrones or Line of Duty, appointment TV is a thing of the past. YouTube, catch-up services and streaming are where it’s at in an on-demand world.

But that’s great news for clients. It means there are more TV platforms, with more affordable ways to make sure you’re talking to the exact audience you want to reach.

We can put you right where you want to be with clever, cost-effective media selection. Rather than the traditional regional or national approach, utilising a wider variety of channels and platforms such as Sky AdSmart or Video on Demand (VOD) allow us to target much narrower audiences – down to a postcode or lifestyle profile. We use this highly flexible approach to make the best possible use of your budget.

Find out how we can make your brand’s story shine on the small screen, get in touch for a chat.