Radio is one of the most underrated weapons in the communications arsenal. Sure, we’ve all heard those shouty sales ads that get you’re reaching to change the channel. But at M3, we work hard to unleash the real potential of radio and make it work harder for our clients.

Experts call it The Theatre of the Mind. Which sounds a bit arty, but suggests the power of radio to create ANYTHING in the listener’s imagination with good writing, talented performers, the right music and well-chosen sound effects.

Of course, radio ads ask listeners to buy something they can’t see, or touch, or taste. That may seem like a big ask, but by bringing those things to life in their imaginations, we can make them seriously tempting.

We make radio sing

A 30-second historical epic, a menagerie of animals, a cast of thousands…we can help you create them all on the grandest scale; while keeping studio time, voice talents, SFX and usage well within your budget.

We can make it funny or dramatic, matey or premium, entertaining or informative. We also advise that less is more, as good single-minded ideas hit home far more than packed lists of features and benefits. And we put just as much creativity and colour into radio campaigns, as any other medium. Delivering real and compelling brand stories, rather than the wall-to-wall voiceovers that turn listeners off.

Your audience is all ears

Research tells us that, even in the age of ad-free music subscription, a massive 89% of Brits are still listening to over 20 hours of radio a week each on average. And that includes 36 million adults tuning into digital platforms, such as apps or DTV. Through smart media planning, we’ll pick out your target market from those millions of listeners. Selecting the right channels and platforms to get your message to their ears.

Real connections, real results

Whoever’s listening, radio creates a kind of connection that you just don’t get with other broadcast platforms. We set out to produce radio that is intimate, speaking one-to-one with the audience in a way that feels like a conversation between them and your brand. And the more you engage with your audience, the more likely you are to win them over.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can make your brand a big radio star.