Things we loved this month – September

Things we loved this month – September

September has treated us to a range of new things, including sunnier weather, a nail-biting US Open as well as some enigmatic campaigns. This month, we saw important social issues brought to the forefront of the marketing sphere - from the likes of ASICs and Women’s Aid, as well as a branding transformation from ASDA. This meant that there was plenty to digest in the world of marketing this month!

1. ASDA replace iconic ‘That’s ASDA Price’ slogan

This month saw ASDA undergo some renovations to their branding campaign - their well-known tagline, ‘That’s ASDA Price’, was replaced with the new ‘Get that ASDA Price Feeling’. We loved how the supermarket emphasises that there is far more to supermarkets than just value, highlighting the importance of wider brand experience. It is refreshing to see a well-established brand refresh their image and change with the times.

2. SEGA Humankind ad campaign

We were thoroughly gripped by SEGA’s advert which flaunted their new Humankind Video game. The company called on players to ‘Be the First to Make History’, where we saw an alternate space race play out, which was both humorous and graphically pleasing on the eye. The creativity of this ad campaign made viewing enjoyable, as well as intriguing us to find out more about Humankind.

3. Women’s Aid: Not Model’s Own

Women’s Aid brought an important issue into the forefront with their ‘Not Model’s Own’ campaign. This series of ads explored the elements of coercive control, by using different prints of models with their clothing items listed as ‘by Model’s Partner’. Illustrating how this form of abuse can control even the smallest aspects of everyday life. We really admired how Women’s Aid used an unconventional means to bring awareness to an issue that is not commonly spoken about, playing on the premise that everything is not always as it seems.

4. Asics influence a village for Mind UK

Asics really enamoured us with their Mind UK campaign. The brand encouraged a whole village to get active, in order to prove how movement can benefit the mind. Asics converted the streets of Retford into a movement-inspired gym, which subsequently lifted the mood of an entire town. This campaign stood out to us because we love when campaigns inspire action. Our own slogan is ‘Let’s Do Something’ – so seeing Asics turn a campaign into a practical benefit definitely stirred us.

5. TikTok: rolls out extra resources to combat mental health issues

Most recently, we have seen TikTok roll out extra resources to help users who may be suffering with difficult thoughts. The features include new wellbeing guides, and support for those who are struggling with eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. It’s great to see such a popular platform utilise their means in order to make a positive change for many of its users.

6. Google’s emotive ‘Hands Raised’ campaign

In their recent campaign with Uncommon, Google raises questions about British Culture and Identity. The emotive film explores the enclaves of British society and how a simple search can help us understand more about each other. We were especially touched by this campaign as it addresses the importance of asking the right questions in order to bring people together.

7. Facebook announces new business connection tool

Facebook business tools is witnessing a revamp with their brand-new click-to-message ad options, allowing business users to engage with customers via different messaging apps. Through this system, businesses are now able to message potential clients through channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. This new feature particularly caught our eye, as we feel this innovation is excellent social media marketing.

8. PETA’s powerful new print campaign

PETA have been spotted this month using powerful imagery in their newest campaign protesting against the use of animals in circuses. We were wowed by the bold utilisation of graphic design and eye-catching illustrations. Bolstering such creativity is an impactful way to hammer the message home.



9. Snapchat celebrates #InternationalWeekoftheDeaf with new sign language feature

With their latest feature, users are now able to use sign language to spell out visual letters. Using prestigious computer vison technology, this new tool is incredibly powerful for teaching users sign language – whilst also raising awareness of sign language. We especially loved this new feature, as it is always refreshing to see how modern technology can help people every day.

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