4 ways to increase social media presence

4 ways to increase social media presence

In this ever-increasing modern world of technology, digital marketing and online activity, it’s important to ensure that your social media platforms are making an impact. But what are the best ways to increase your social media presence? Whether it’s promoting evergreen content over boosted targeted posts, or ensuring consistency across multiple social channels – find the best ways to maximise your social media engagement now.

Improve your social media presence

It may be that you’re working around the clock to get your social media just the way you want it – excellently demonstrating what you’re about as a brand, promoting deals and sales and regular posting times that coincide with your desired audience. But somehow, the social engagement just isn’t there. So, what are some of the basic ways to improve your social media presence?

1. Quality over quantity

It’s never been more important to abide by the old ‘quality over quantity’ saying – and this especially applies to social media marketing. The days of posting multiple times a day are over, with research suggesting – dependent on your brand and industry – that posts twice a day are the most effective.

The quality of what you post as well plays an important role in increasing your social media presence. Linking to your evergreen content that you’ve created for your blog is a great to way to capture people’s attention again and again – rather than click-bait articles that will entice people to learn more, but don’t truly establish your brand as trusted and authoritative.

Additionally, try posting relatable content people can engage with:

  • Polls
  • Competitions
  • GIFs or memes (after all, who doesn’t love a good meme?)
  • Video content
  • Humour/jokes

These types of messaging encourage chatter around your social posts – which will lead to more engagement, and more people establishing themselves with your brand.

2. Maximise organic social potential by targeting

Although this will vary from each social media platform you use, you can use targeting to boost your organic social posts – and give them that extra push that they sometimes need. Have a sale on a product aimed at girls over 18 in a specific location? Use targeting to get that post the right traffic it needs – and maximise your chance of engagement.

Examples of audiences you can target for social media are:

  • Gender
  • Relationship
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Interests


Depending on the social platform you are using, some more advance targeting options could include:

  • Career
  • Education level
  • Company size
  • Seniority
  • Job role


With the right messaging and the right targeting, your post is going to be much more successful – and hope to pull in the desired traffic and revenue to your business. This will save you a lot of time as you can plan out targeted specific posts rather than trying to create multiple posts that cater to a variety of different people.

3. Optimise your social profiles

When considering how to create content for your social media channel, it’s important to dote on those ever-changing Google Algorithms we religiously abide by for our SEO marketing. There’s a reason why Google wants user-friendly content, keyword rich descriptions and high domain authority to rank its content – and social media marketing follows in its algorithmic footsteps:

    • Easy to find username – using an underline or another form of punctuation to get around the fact your desired name has been already been taken is a common trick on Instagram or Twitter. However, this isn’t preferable when you’re trying to promote and build up brand recognition. Keep it simple – and if the name has already been taken, trying using ‘UK’ afterwards or ‘official’.


    • Recognisable brand and logo – it’s important to establish consistency across your social channels. And that includes using the same headers, and logo for all your social channels – showing users that you are the same brand across different domains.


  • Links – creating a trackable link back to your main domain is important, and one of the basic rules of social media marketing. But why not put in the link to your blog too? Or if you’re promoting a product for a sale, temporarily add a product page URL to your Instagram bio to enhance click-through and bring traffic to the right places. And once your social platforms are properly optimised – promote them! Having thumbnail icons on your website; your storefront; business cards – the works. Get people to know you, and you’ll soon see your social media presence increasing.


4. Interact with your followers

It’s all well and good creating a relatable content, an impressive promotional strategy for your brand and excellently strategized targeting – but if you’re not engaging with your audience, and interacting with their comments to your posts, you’re only doing half the job.

Users will often ask questions on posts, or exclaim their approval for your post so it’s worth engaging back with them. Whether it’s as simple as liking their comment, replying with an emoji, and pointing them in the right direction on their website to their query, you’ll build up a reputation as a trusted source – and people will begin to look for your posts. Once you become completely engaged with your social audience, you will immediately reap the rewards of a social media presence that promotes more brand recognition, sales, and essentially, more profit for your business.

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